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Inaccurate garbage

Am requesting a refund.

Absolute waste of money (don’t buy it in desperation)

What a compete and utter waste. Want to see the Cup out in public and a friend convinced you to spend “just a dollar” for the chance that this app works? Save your money and your frustration and realize that the Cup isn’t traceable like that. Sorry to tell you the thing I too was hoping. Another review said to just check the associated twitter feed for free (and the same amount of frustration that it too isn’t timely with its accuracy). Def better than giving anyone money for this useless app.

Horrible !

The app is. It up to date! Perfect example the Pens won the cup and had the victory parade today at noon. It is 6 pm I looked at the app to see where the cup was going to be next. Told me at the victory parade that ended 6 hrs ago !!! I know that does not seem like a long time but last yr I was in walking distance from the cup and never knew it till some one posted it on Facebook with their pictures with the cup. Oh and that appearance is still not listed on this app! If you know you might be close follow FB it is free and more up to date

Not up to date

I downloaded the app with the hopes of knowing when the cup would be in my area. It was in Minneapolis and St. Paul on Monday, April 3. Two days later, the app still shows it's in Pennsylvania. If I had relied on this app for its location, I would have missed it. I even sent the app an email letting them know it was here.

Not Accurate

The Cup was in Chicago on Sunday April 2 2017 at Millennium Park next to Cloud Gate, more commonly known as The Bean, and there is no mention of it on this app. If I have to tell you where the Cup is, what's the point? I thought this app knew where the Cup is and where it's going.

Slow to update

I downloaded the app when my team won the cup. You can see where it is, but unless you're checking it everyday, you'll miss when it comes to your city (like I did when they had a public showing 5 miles from my house). They need an alert system, or a better way to track. It shows the cup currently at an arena, 8 days behind the current date


ZERO STARS! This app is b.s. Don't waste your time or money...yes, it only cost .99 cents but it is not kept up to date! It only adds where the Cup is after the fact, w/ the exception of major events where it's national news & we already have public knowledge mind you!

0 stars

This is Stanley Cup week. I am in San Jose. The games are in San Jose today and Monday. Newspaper says cup is in San Jose. App says it's in Pittsburgh. zero stars.

Not worth the time

What a waste !

Bad App

Bad App. Cup is in Chicago and app shows it still in Florida.

Don't waste your money!

How can this even be considered an app you have to pay for?!? It doesn't show anything! Horrible!


Not worth the money. Just stays at a single location for a whole day. Often the one it's scheduled to be at.

Buyer Beware

This AP has no idea where the Cup is. I think it showed 2 hours ago it was still in LA. Don't waste your money.


Guess I actually thought this would tell me where the cup is.... Took me for my .99 cents. Terrible app. Don't waste your time or money.


Title says it all...

Not worth the $$

Totally not worth the $$ it is not accurate at all.


Waste of money. Doesn't work fast enough to keep track. Disappointed!

Terrible app

Not accurate at all and frequently tell you the wrong location. Totally useless. Wish I could punch the developer in the face

Waste of Time and Money

I downloaded this app on Tuesday morning with high hopes of actually knowing where the cup would be going...of course the cup is going to be at the ceremony at Soldier field, I don't need to spend a buck to find that out. Already deleted the app, such a waste.

Great App

This is an incredible app. It updates to the minute, and even shows maps and messages from people actually at the event. I don't know what these people are seeing, but I believe that this app was worth the entire 99 cents. I have not had any issues, technical or otherwise.


Constantly getting application error messages with location services (which are enabled). I can't get past them to go to any of the tabs.





It's a scam

It does not work unless you allow to use your location even when you are not using the app. Don't buy!!!!


Downloaded this last night after Hawks won. Has not updated status once. Still shows date as 6/15/15 and still at UC. I know it's been out of the UC since last night.


Location services error message ever second the app is open. Save your money and follow the cup on Twitter.

Not Worth the $.99

Great idea but there are so many issues with this. Timeliness of the data, quality (eg when you click on the cup to see the details it comes up with "Label" in all the places data should be), and features are missing (eg if you don't tie in a Twitter account on setup, you cannot do it later - it says to go into settings to do so but there is no place to do it). Again, great idea. I bought it based on a suggestion from a local paper after the Hawks win but it is not ready for prime time and is hugely frustrating.

Don't waste your money

It doesn't live track the cup. It just notes public appearances and has an email function to tell them if you know the cup to be somewhere else.

A day late and a dollar short..,,

I downloaded app today and it's Cup location is 2 weeks out of date.


Should be "Where the cup Was". Useless The App had improved now. Is showing future locations where the Cup will be.

Not worth the .99.

Not a actual working GPS. More or a news information of schedule appearances.

Call it "where WAS the cup"

This app is useless when trying to find the Cup. Instead of telling us where the cup is or will be (unless its already highly publicized elsewhere), it tells you where it was. It was in my hometown but wasn't posted until after it left.

Terrible waste of money

This is never updated. It takes days to refresh and another opportunity to see the cup has been missed. Twitter section does not work. Wish I would have saved my money on this app.

What day is it?

At times this app is helpful, but only when it actually knows what day it it today, it was showing me where the cup was a week ago and yesterday it was showing me where it will be in one month! Don't waste your time buying this app.

Bad bad bad

It isn't updating. I am watching the cup on Windy City Live with coach Q and the app says its at the draft in New Jersey. Totally not worth the time I downloading and definitely not worth a dollar

Don't waste your time

Save your .99 cents. The idea was good but the updates and value - pathetic.

Not Updated

Not updated. Shows a few days prior, not current location.

App review

I downloaded and paid for this app because the Blackhawks won the Stanley cup. This app has yet to work and I had downloaded it multiple times. It will not update or refresh. Save your buck.

To slow to update

Updates are way behind by 12 hours.

A joke

Terrible !!!!!!! Doesn't work!!!!! Save your money !!!!!!!!


Should have read the reviews. It's not good.

Waste of $

Poor app. Application doesn't load. Apple should test and qualify these apps before they sell them


This is a waste of money do not buy it. It updates where the cup has been two days after it has been there. The advanced notice it gives to where it will be traveling to next is extraordinarily poor at best. The only way you know where it has been is when people email sightings to this app and then the app updates it. Your best bet is to follow Philip Pritchard @keeperofthecup on twitter. He actively sends out updates as to where the cup will be.


Slow doesn't respond and crashes

One of a Kind

Are you kidding me, this is awesome! If you don't know, now you know!

Save your $

Dumb app, Cup's been in Fenway for days, even though there have been several photos of it at Foxwoods last night! Where else has it been? Where is it right now? Rip-Off!


This app never seems to be updated or current, even when I sent a message informing the author about an upcoming cup appearance. I was hopeful there would be a serious effort to actually track upcoming cup appearances. The author needs to recommit to this, otherwise I feel ripped off

Awesome app

A must have for any hockey fan

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